Hooptie[hoop-tee] noun

1: A bicycle with at least one part dangling off that has duct tape holding it together and/or makes you aware of its impending arrival by the volume of the squeal coming from the petrified brake pads or lack there of.

2: A Huffy or Murray mountain bike with three broken spokes and the shift lever unattached, commonly ridden by New York City food delivery riders.


100 Hoopties is a design challenge project where every day for one hundred days starting April 7th, 2014 and ending on July 15th, 2014 – an iconic poster design will be reanimated through scrapped bicycle parts. This project is part of a series of 100 Days projects, taken on by the 2014 Masters in Branding graduate students at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

The only restrictions for 100 Days projects is that the basic operation must be repeated in some form every day.

Graphic designer and cyclist Jennifer Beatty created 100 Hoopties to bridge her contrasting identities. Inspired by cycling subculture, her lust for upcycling and the sheer challenge of completing 100 posters in 100 days, Jenny aka “graphikdeziner” is finally putting to use, all the bike junk she has been collecting through the years.

Over the years, Jenny has lived in four states (Michigan, Arizona, California & New York) with a brief stint in Italy where she wrapped her undergraduate education. Since hitting the market as fresh meat, Jenny has struggled with the volatile nature of being a hungry designer. Ambition drives her to chase the best gigs and demand the best quality.

At each impasse, Jenny has experienced an identity shift. Most recently, the shift came abruptly moving to NYC, where her cyclist identity took a back seat while she pursued her master’s degree. The constant push and pull of which persona to embrace inspired Jenny to build a bridge that would summarize these lives and create a new jumping off point.

Throughout this project, Jenny hopes to question what most people consider to be garbage and tap into the raw hands on artwork she has put on hold for so many years.

Iconic poster suggestions are welcome anytime, feel free to email ideas to info@100hoopties.com